Slide Training PPN UKK FEB UI, 11 Agustus 201, Depok Training PPN UKK FEB UI, 11 Agustus 2019, Depok Slide PJJ Universitas Indonesia - Universitas Andalas, Kelas Pajak Semester Gasal 2019/2020 Slide Seminar Kebijakan Pajak PTN Badan Hukum (PTN-BH) di Indonesia, 28 November 2018, Gd. Pascasarjana, Depok Slide Tax Intercollegiate Forum 2019, 2 Oktober 2019, Auditorium FEB UI, Depok Slide Penandatanganan MOU antara Universitas Indonesia dengan Direktorat Jenderal Pajak , Kementerian Keuangan, 2 Oktober 2019 Slide Pelatihan Pajak UKK Universitas Indonesia, 12 November 2019 Workshop "Territorial Tax Reform and Profit Shifting by US and Japanese Multinationals", Makoto Hasegawa (Kyoto University), 3 Maret 2020, PPIA Depok dan LPEM FEB UI Salemba.


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Tax Policy Brief: Seri Analisis Fiskal: TAX POLICY BRIEF Edisi 1, Agustus 2021

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